The Quarry


The sand is excavated by back hoe excavator from shallow benched lifts working across the floor of the quarry. The sand is loosely cemented and requires no blasting or crushing to break it up.

The sand is transported by dumper to a holding stockpile from which it is fed to the washing plant by a loading shovel. The sand is initially washed across a screen to remove any harder rocks. It then passes through a set of scrubbers, flotation tank, and cyclones in order to remove the clay and silt fractions. The resulting sand has less than 0.3% clay content remaining. The sand is finally passed through a de-waterer and allowed to drain.


Upwards of 8000tonnes of washed sand may be held on stock at any one time

The quarry holds substantial consented reserves, sufficient for many years to com.

Worked out areas will be restored to a series of lakes and marginal wetlands for the enhancement of biodiversity.